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About Us

All of our fences are made in the USA. Every fence you purchase is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. Garden Fences, Deer Fences, and Perimeter Fencing is our specialty, but we also have fencing for pets, and fences that can keep out groundhogs, rabbits, or raccoons.

Jaguar Fence Solutions

As the population has expanded and we have built homes and communities further into rural areas, we have displaced more and more animals. These creatures, which once had many choices for food and shelter, are now forced to survive amongst the homes. We have planted flower and vegetable gardens as hobbies and as a source of beauty and fresh food. Little did we know that all we are doing is feeding our furry neighbors breakfast, lunch, dinner, and delectable desserts. Our solutions are the Jaguar garden fencing kits and Jaguars deer fencing kits.

Most solutions to this problem are COSTLY, UGLY, DIFFICULT to install, or just plain DON’T WORK. Not so with our JAGUAR Garden Fencing and Deer Fencing by Rosaen Products. We designed various garden fencing and deer fencing kits that are guaranteed to rid your beds of critters such as deer, rabbits and groundhogs. Our garden fence and deer fence kits cost as low as 20% of what others charge, and have no protection against burrowing animals entering your garden. Installation of our garden fence and deer fence is a breeze due to our patented design; most installations take between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Ever garden fencing kits and deer fencing kit includes our patented twin bubble leveling guide that ensures a straight garden fence post and deer fence post. Also, garden fence kits and deer fence kits include our patented clips that directly snap into the poles for an easy installation. All our kits include everything necessary to construct the garden fence and the deer fence enclosure, except for basic hand tools. And after the installation you will be left with a garden fence or deer fence that looks professional, will last for year and years and is exceedingly functional for you, the gardener. Our garden fencing kits and deer fencing kits are also manufactured in the United States.

The Jaguar Garden Fence comes with a 3 ½ ft tall fence, these garden fence kits protect your garden from smaller critters and extra features that will protect it from burrowing animals. The Jaguar Deer Fence comes in 6 ft tall, these deer fencing kits that protect your garden from deer as well as smaller critters, and from burrowing animals in certain deer fencing kits. Another garden fencing kits is our 7 ½ ft tall perimeter deer fencing kits that protect your property and gardens from deer and smaller animals. As mentioned earlier there are options for the garden fence kits, deer fence kits and perimeter deer fence kits to protect your garden from burrowing animals, such as groundhogs, from digging their way into your garden. Others options for your garden fence and deer fence kits include sprinkler heads that attach to the garden fence post and deer fencing post, which not only look great but work great. Another additional option is a bird feeder that attaches to a garden fence post or a deer fence post. 

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