"The Best Deer and Critter fence EVER made!"

Complete Groundhog Fence Kits

Watch the video to see how easy it is to install our groundhog fences.

Protect Your Property from Wandering Groundhogs

Product Details

The only way to protect your flowers, plants and vegetable gardens from Groundhogs permanently!

Don’t let anyone claim that you cannot protect your garden from Groundhogs. Jaguar Fence offers the first complete fencing solution protecting your garden from all critters. As an added bonus, this Fence Kit enables you to create an obstacle that most animals, including deer, cannot penetrate.

Supreme Competitors
Keeps out deer
Keeps out rabbits
Keeps out groundhogs
EZ-Gate included
EZ-Gate Ground Barrier Kit
Easy, professional installation
Leveling guide included
Rust-proof aluminum
Weaving wire
3-foot black wire fence
4-foot black wire fence
Post stops
Length 50-foot | 100-foot | 150-foot | 200-foot | 300-foot

More Product Details

The patented Jaguar Fence system is more than a great value.

Everything you need to build your enclosure is contained in one box. Our kits provide you with an attractive, easy to install, built-to-last enclosure. Our kit is the only system in the industry that has the patented EZ-Gate with Gate Guard designed for easy entrance (this is needed to keep the groundhogs from gaining access through/under the gate). Jaguar fencing is extremely durable and our mesh is UV resistant so that you may use it year round.
NOTE: For areas larger than 25’ x 25’ we recommend you use our 7.5’ Fence Systems.


Groundhog Fence Kit - Supreme

Creates a highly affective barrier against groundhogs and most other critters.
$524.25 $699.00
You save 25%
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