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Help and FAQ

Jaguar Fence® Help & FAQ

Most questions about the Jaguar Fence® installation and use can be answered by reviewing the instructional videos but if you still have questions and the responses below do not address your issues please contact us either by email at service@gardenfence.com or by calling our toll free number at 800.608.3315

  • Can I leave my fence up all year?
    Yes, no matter where you live the fence is designed to remain up all year. The fence material is UV (sunlight) stable polypro plastic material and all the metal parts are never rust aluminum.
  • Can I take my fence down for the winter?
    Yes you can although this is not necessary. The fence uses a modular design that will allow you to remove the fence material and poles for easy storage. If you have installed the supreme version with the anti-burrow vinyl coated wire secondary barrier this is a much larger job and is not recommended.
  • Will your fence truly keep out ground hogs?
    Yes, our supreme version of the deer fence will keep out ground hogs. The deer fence is necessary because the ground hogs can climb a stable material(Metal) but once they reach the less stable plastic fence they retreat. The buried Vinyl coated metal fence also keep them from chewing and pushing under the fence.
  • What do you recommend for rabbits?
    There are 2 choices and this is strictly a personal preference. You may use either the deluxe or the supreme (6” buried material) versions of our garden fence kits. Both kits utilze the vinyl coated wire fence material.
  • Is the 6’ deer fence sufficient to keep the deer out or do I need to use the 7 ½’ foot fence?
    The 7 ½’ fence will always be a more secure enclosure but for the smaller areas up to 25’ X 25” the 6’ has been used very successfully for many years.

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